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A news about Newport 100s cigarettes

A news about Newport 100s cigarettes

When night falls, many passengers have fall sleep, passengers who take the train have many luggage, they are looking for their berth, but the dark environment has boarded the passenger to find their sleeper, many passengers took out a mobile phone watch a nameplate, however one of the passengers is used light the fire for lighter. The traveler lying in the middle, lit a Newport 100s cigarettes, carefree and content smoke, occasionally also play down the ashtray, the lower berth of the passenger to its offensive then asked him to the junction of the car smoke, he not only did not listen, but become aggravated. In desperation, the lower berth of the passengers called the conductor, the conductor to stop his behavior.

Now civilized travel is the basic guarantee for people to travel by train, each passenger's every move closely related with other passengers, passengers all hope that they can have a good rest environment, to ease the fatigue of the journey, at this time, the behavior of any of the people will not be happy to get the experience. Railway workers do their best to protect the environment in the car, but the car is not enough to rely on the staff to maintain the environment is far from enough, for a public place such as the car, to build a harmonious and comfortable travel environment is the most important for each passenger to participate in. As a part of the community, people should pay attention to their own image, maintain the environment, respect for others, and create a harmonious social environment. In the process of traveling, any of damage to the environment is not only their own image, but also a high quality of passengers. So there should no smoke in the train.

In the train, we always can see a sign of prohibition of smoking in the high-speed rail waiting room. why is it often very regrettable that such an act of discord? Perhaps it is because of the illegal cost is too low! For some travelers, I found that I was lucky, that is, there is nothing to find out, not a few hundred dollars on a few hundred dollars, we have to punish, in such an idea, will let the passengers in the hands of the Newport 100s cigarettes always in the high iron train car. Out of Newport 100s cigarettes for high-speed trains are harmful, not only easy to train fire, and will affect the subsequent train punctuality opened. The damage is quite small, if we really want to let the passengers off the hands of the Newport 100s cigarettes, or increase the penalties for knowingly violate passengers, like this year's tourist attractions, they will be included in the visitors to the integrity of the system, make repeated, pull into the blacklist car, passenger train on the harm of smoking. You need strong medicine, they can completely cure, or become a hot topic in the news, let each one want to risk their lives when they want to light his Newport 100s cigarettes, and think twice, in order to completely refuse to smoke in the passenger high-speed.

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