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Light a Newport 100s cigarettes

Light a Newport 100s cigarettes

I do not drink too much for a long time, so I don’t like it any more; actually flushed like blowing outside hanging in the face of the knife, like blowing in the face of their children. What is the function of a Newport 100s cigarettes? Does it let me feel full of positive energy, needs of the gas station, or give a new words to say is that to ask their feelings at midnight? The answer depend on your feelings at that time. I Was drunk, banging on the keyboard, and the smoke around the room. Beijing are restless at midnight, as all our hearts, restless, busy working, crowded, and they let us consider to arrange in the next few days in the night. Tomorrow is just a quick opening, thinking about tomorrow's arrangements, no interviews, no emergency practice reports, and some finished interview today need reported material tomorrow, and need to send mail carved disc. Then tomorrow I still have too much work to do.

I have a girlfriend with all of my love in middle school. She is beautiful, mature and strong. She doesn’t like a lot of my living habits, especially when I smoke. I promise her that I won’t smoke any more. She looked at me contemptuously and said, she don’t know me, that is one thing and secretly certainly smoked. I said slowly, slowly quit, quit, will give up, will give up. She thought for a long time then say to me, you will take advantage of the smoke, my father that give you a good quality of smoke tomorrow, you smoke for a week, and dare to take a look at me and do not smoke. Yes, I tread on air. The next day, sure enough, she brought me a better Marlboro red Cigarettes, a good Newport 100s cigarettes and other high quality of smoke in the eyes of people. They have a sense of accomplishment, and can show up the face of things, how can we keep silent. So at the end of the afternoon after school, specifically smoke with my best friends and go to the net bar to play computer games. In an envious eyes, she took a Newport 100s cigarettes and then burned. Later, she got married, of course, the groom is not me. The occasional contact in the past, or a little trance, as if it was the summer of that year.

Before I hated smoking like common people as well, and when I see people who smoking in the room with so many smokes, what my reaction is the same to the girls. At that time, I warn myself that never be addicted to Newport 100s cigarettes. But with times went by, I love smoking when I drive in happy, boring, upset. Newport 100s cigarettes have began a excuse for lonely.

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