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Newport Cigarettes and haze, which is more terrible?

Newport Cigarettes and haze, which is more terrible?

Now, with a more serious air pollution, haze has become a very serious problem, which seriously affect the health of people. So, smoking Newport cigarettes and haze which is more serious? I think we often encounter such a problem, now we come to the actual test to find out the problem answer!

In a 20-square-meter house, he ordered a 3mg cigarette in front of PM2.5 test haze table accidentally blew a mouthful, and instantly, PM2.5 index directly soared to 1200 micrograms / cubic meter indicators (usually we say haze burst table are by more than 500 above). Of course, it should be noted that, in the case of normal indoor smoking, the index will not directly soared to such a high, but also shows that cigarettes can in a short time, within a small range of manufacturing high levels of air pollution.If you are very few somker colleagues in the office and like smoke Cheap Newport Menthol Cigarettes, then every day working environment of air, it would be very bad.Smoking inside a closed environment, the more count, the more pollutants generated, can cause very high concentrations of contaminants after such superposition. Usually in a closed environment there are two people smoking at the same time,then it can work together to create a smoke AQI small world of the burst table. Newport Cigarettes and haze who is more fierce, this question is easy to answer. A Newport cigarette can cause air pollution around 300, then in Beijing so many cities, often are 300 or even higher value of contamination,if preventive measures are not taken, whether it is indoors or outdoors, you are constantly smoking 24 hours a day. This extraction method, I think even a heavy smoker iron lung, I guess we could not hold it long, right?The haze of scary,is that each of us are forced to become smokers who kept smoking for 24 hours * 365 days.If you can not open the window ventilation or use of air purification equipment, the smoke caused by the presence of indoor air pollution for a long time, being sucked spit, spit smoke, again and again, until the most toxic substances into the body so far. If you are like haze day today, nearly 300 outdoor, indoor is close to 300, and that open windows have to die, so the only way is to use the empty net absorbance pollutants. General Air Purifier can be used to remove odors, but the smoke flavor is hard to remove. But with a fresh air system, your wife and children to be tortured without the smell of smoke, it can not only absorb about the smell of smoke in the room, you can also release a lot of fresh air.

Therefore, in the context of modern life, if you or your family like smoke Newport Menthol Cigarettes in the room, the air purifier is essential. But if they can stop smoking, that is the best thing, for their own health, but also for the health of their families, or quit smoking, or to buy an air purifier is placed in the home, so this is a reassuring choice.

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