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The impact of Newport Menthol cigarettes on the teeth

The impact of Newport Menthol cigarettes on the teeth

We all know that cheap Newport Menthol cigarettes are very harmful to the body, but we do not know that the impact of Newport cigarettes on the teeth is also great. Especially people just finished planting those teeth after surgery, must be careful not to smoke. Then there are those who smoke impact on the teeth it?

First of all,there is smoke spot smokers on the teeth, can accelerate the formation of plaque, thus undermining the health of periodontal tissue. Secondly, smoking can decrease the chemotaxis and phagocytosis of neutrophils, and reduce the ability of the oral cavity to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. What's more,smoking will reduce the local oxygen tension, but also conducive to the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Finally, smoking can inhibit the growth of osteoblasts, leading to osteoporosis, alveolar bone resorption, tooth loosening and shedding. If you are a regular smoker, be sure to check your teeth regularly and clean your teeth. And, for those implants, be sure to give up smoking, because the nicotine in Newport Menthol cigarettes and other toxic substances will have a negative impact on the periodontal tissue, but also on the growth of epithelial tissue or wound healing are impeded. Experts said that the normal human wound healing ability is decreased with age, but the 50 year old smokers wound healing capacity is equivalent to 68 years old non-smokers wound healing ability, that is, the wound healing capacity of smokers is less than 30% of non smokers. Smoking can cause inflammation around the implant, affecting the alveolar bone resorption caused by dental implant failure.If you smoke 10 Newport cigarettes a day or more,the failure rate of dental implants will be two times higher than that of non smokers. Even if the initial plant survival, after the planting of dental smoking, may also lead to implant tooth root loose, so that the implant is poor, easy to fall off. Especially smoking and drinking can not be two weeks after implant, prevent wound infection and stimulation. So, it is best not to smoke after dental implants.

You know that smoking is the biggest feature of the mouth has a special smell, this is because the chemical composition of tobacco through the mouth and lungs to absorb blood, these volatile substances through the respiratory tract from the mouth, nasal discharge, the formation of a unique breath. Only after a few months without smoking wholesale Newport Cigarettes, bad breath will be treated and heal. So, if you do not want to have a lot of ugly teeth, or very yellow teeth, bad breath or do not want, you must quit. Quit not only allows you to have a very nice teeth, make your smile look more comfortable, but also make you healthy, it is very useful things.If you are still smoking, then please take a look at your teeth, see your ugly teeth, you probably wouldn't want to smoke because we do not want to let others see our dirty teeth, at the same time, pay attention to personal hygiene, but also respect for others.

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