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Why would a pack of Newport cigarettes of 20 cigarettes?

Why do you have 20 cigarettes in a pack of Newport cigarettes? You know what? Some people say that this is the producer decided, indeed, this is the manufacturer's decision, but this is also based on the actual situation to determine. In China, there is a legend: men go out, to bring a pack of Newport cigarettes. This is why?

Because in our day of life, a lot of places need to use this Newport Menthol cigarettes, with this cheap Newport cigarette, you have a lot of things will become more convenient, and now let us look at. The first cheap Newport cigarette, go out in the morning to meet the neighbors, handed a Newport cigarette, say"Hello", we smoke is not a Newport cigarette, is the appetite. Second, driving through the red light, giving a ticket to the traffic police comrades handed a cigarette, is definitely not a bribe, but thanks to their hard work to maintain traffic order.Third, don't forget to give leadership handed a cigarette, is not really flattering, but closer.Fourth, when talking about business with the customer, the delivery of Discount Newport cigarettes, face to do enough, the back of the process is also smooth.Fifth cigarettes, work tired, and colleagues went out to smoke a cigarette, talk about work and talk about gossip.Sixth root, do not forget to secretly to the dining room to play the master hand in a cigarette, meat is much better than others! Seventh, learn to drive when the coach handed a Wholesale Newport cigarette, four subjects at once.Eighth, send their children to school, to give the teacher a cigarette, to ensure that their children are not being bullied at school. Ninth, parents in hospital, the doctor handed a cigarette, rounds are Richard often.Tenth, to work, to the staff of a cigarette, things are done faster. Eleventh, on the way home, accidentally touch others, handed a cigarette to reduce pathogenic fire, do not touch strangers who said these words? Twelfth, home decoration, to master workers handed a cigarette, paint brush more carefully. Thirteenth, take the rub of the time to the teacher handed a cigarette, originally received 20 of your results only to accept you 15, in fact, or you earn. Fourteenth, do not see friends handed a Newport cigarette, sweeping away the embarrassment, immediately. Fifteenth, the family party to the elders pass cigarettes, this is called a man! Sixteenth, repair the phone when the teacher handed a cigarette, to help you do a full set of services. Seventeenth, when you want to strike up a conversation, remember to pass a cigarette. Eighteenth, the middle of the night to go home, to the driver of the master pass a cigarette, chat, feel more secure, this is absolutely true. Nineteenth, across the road jump jump bridge jumping, handed him a cigarette, incidentally, enlighten, to save a life wins seven Buddha!Twentieth, cigarettes, others are sent to others, and the last one to enjoy it!

This is the so-called Chinese-style cigarette use, really, this is very useful, I believe, all of us and is everywhere in life, whether you smoke or not smoke, outside see clients or friends or relatives ,purse with a pack of Newport cigarettes is not wrong, and you will be used. So, we come here to buy cheap Newport cigarettes with free shipping is also a wise choice.

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